The advantages of synthetic leather and the advantages of our products

Synthetic leather is a kind of material which is more similar to natural leather in function structure, but it is not artificial leather, and its functional characteristics are better than artificial leather all day long. Because the price of synthetic leather is low and all aspects are good, it occupies a large share in the market and can be used to make leather shoes, bags and other products.

The functional characteristics of synthetic leather are closer to natural leather than artificial leather. Synthetic leather has excellent air permeability and good luster, followed by its excellent wear resistance than leather, and its products are not easily damaged. Also has certain corrosion resistance, the key point is that synthetic leather production is large and cheap, can be used as a substitute for real leather.

2020 pure synthetic leather cheap material for sofa furniture decoration is suitable for sofas, furniture, chairs, sofa bed interiors,etc. The tear strength can reach 3kg. And we will provide you with excellent pre sales and after sales services. 

Post time: Aug-18-2020

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