About environmentally friendly solvent-free leather

Ningbo Ruifeng new Material Co., LTD. Has a utility model of environmental friendly solvent-free synthetic leather. It includes non-woven, waterproof breathable film, puncture proof layer, TPU layer, solvent-free layer and PU surface layer.

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The waterproof breathable film is coated on the surface of a non-woven cloth layer; The puncture proof layer is affixed to the surface of the waterproof breathable film; The TPU layer is covered on the surface of the puncture proof layer; The solvent-free layer is covered on the surface of the TPU layer, and the PU surface is covered on the surface of the solvent-free layer.


By setting the solvent-free layer, to match the polyurethane surface high smooth, high wear resistance, high density, high temperature vulcanization, pearls, and surface effects such as fluorescence, satisfy the need of use, and set the waterproof and breathable membrane puncture proof layer, make this product has better performance and puncture proof properties of waterproof breathable, better overall performance, long service life.

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Post time: Nov-16-2020

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