Analysis of the current leather market

At present, the overall R&D and design capabilities of the leather industry are low, and the development concept is urgently needed to be improved. Insufficient investment in innovation has intensified product homogeneity competition and severely restricted the innovation and development of enterprises. In the future, the tanning industry should be supported by innovation, leading the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure, to effectively promote the industry to leap to the high end of the global value chain. On the one hand, it is necessary to increase the research and design of new products, strengthen research on product flow trends, dig deeper into consumer demand, adapt to and lead the trend of consumption upgrades, and promote personalized customization and flexible production of enterprises to meet the differentiated needs of consumers.

On the other hand, promote the clean transformation of the production process, innovate traditional production technology and equipment, strengthen basic common technologies and core key technology research, increase the research and design of new materials, new technologies, new equipment, and new products, and promote digitalization and networking , Intelligent, take the path of innovation-driven development. Use technological innovation to improve the core competitiveness of products, increase the added value of products, and focus on the development of new supplies in industries such as fashion, individuality, green, high-quality, health, and intelligence.


Post time: Sep-07-2020

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