Description of Light Luxury Embossed Decorative Leather for Tablecloth, Furniture

For a long time, people always have infatuation and awe for leather. It is the symbol of quality and grade, and the speech of luxury, nobility, delicacy and wildness. Whether it is used in luxury goods or customized home, leather has become the object of more and more consumers.

In home design, light luxury represents a low-key, comfortable but not damaging noble and elegant attitude. It is just fine and represents the pursuit of high-quality life details.

Light luxury generally uses earth color and cool gray color to create the base, reflecting the concise and modern life quality.

The color selection of our products Light Luxury Embossed Decorative Leather for Tablecloth, Furniture is the same as the photo, which can be customized.




Post time: Oct-19-2020

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