Leather clothing industry history

As leather clothing is becoming more and more popular, consumers are paying more and more attention to its quality, hygiene, safety and other issues. At the same time, clothing that uses artificial leather and synthetic leather as fabrics to pretend to be real is flooding the market, becoming the biggest difficulty for consumers to buy leather clothing.

Leather clothing is made of genuine leather (smooth surface) as the main part of the fabric, supplemented by textiles and buttons and other accessories, commonly known as leather clothing, such as jackets, hunting suits, suits, vests, windbreakers, pants, etc. At present, most of the leather garments made in our country are mainly cowhide, goat skin and sheep skin, and there are also a certain amount of pigskin clothing.


From a global perspective, starting in the 1970s, some major leather product manufacturers and consumers in the United States and Europe have gradually shifted the leather processing and manufacturing links to Taiwan, my country, due to factors such as labor, raw material costs, and regional political and economic factors. Central Asia.

By the mid-1980s, with the industrial adjustment in Taiwan and the preferential policies after the reform and opening up of the mainland, a large number of Taiwan-funded manufacturers were attracted to the mainland to invest in production, which drove the production of leather products in my country from the past manual workshops to simple reproduction The gradual upgrade has formed a newly modernized processing export industry. By the mid to late 1990s, the world leather industry had formed a stable pattern with China as its processing and manufacturing center.


Post time: Sep-30-2020

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