Leather product market analysis and general classification

Today, as the global economic integration, the world further transfer to China leather industry center, leather industry in China in the international competition for light industry pillar industry, high technology content of circular economy industry, bear the prosperity of the market, increasing exports, expanding employment, service, an important task of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, holds the pivotal status in the national economy. China has become a global tanning power, has also become the most active leather trade in the world, the development of one of the most potential market.

Leather can be divided into cattle leather, sheep leather, pig leather and so on according to the type of raw leather, the largest and most widely used for cattle leather. In China, about 70% cowhide, 18% sheepskin, 10% pigskin and 2% other raw hides are used. Cattle leather can be divided into cattle leather, buffalo leather and yak leather, of which cattle leather accounts for about 90%.

Leather can be divided into furniture leather, automobile leather, shoe upper leather, clothing leather and so on. In the future, the tanning industry will increase the proportion of furniture leather and automobile leather on the basis of stabilizing the demand of shoe upper leather, garment leather and bag leather.

Post time: Sep-24-2020

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