The advantages of choosing PU artificial leather

1, first of all, we all know that natural skin is now from animal fur, so under the provisions of the national animal protection laws, some precious animal leather resources are relatively scarce, why this kind of dress of the National People’s Congress can choose pu synthetic leather instead, – to aeriform in reducing the killing, and also can save money;

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2. At present, our artificial leather technology has basically reached a mature stage of development. It can completely replace natural leather, and it is almost the same in appearance and more affordable.

3. Artificial leather is generally lighter and softer than natural leather with good wear resistance and feel. Compared with natural leather, pu artificial leather is easier to handle.

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4. Pu artificial leather is also breathable and warm, especially for clothing, which is more comfortable to wear.

5. The most important point is that PU artificial leather has high quality and low price. It has a perfection that cannot be achieved by natural leather, and it is degradable and belongs to environmental protection goods.

Post time: Dec-09-2020

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