Want to change your table style? —–Then you definitely need this mat!

No matter go out or have a meal at home, in the face of delicate meal always cannot leave to take a few pictures, there is environment and cutlery in the restaurant to hold, good-looking picture nature is not a few. But also want to take a good look at home, in addition to the use of high appearance level of tableware and filter, a good looking place mat is also essential table “careful machine”. With different eat mat collocation food, can bring not small change to a cate.

餐垫3 270

Compared with taking photos, the placemat is a small object that can bring happiness to people. Even using the simplest style to match, it can also make every meal look more delicious, become warmer and more ritual.
And the practicability of eat mat likewise not allow small look at, can prevent already very hot heat insulation, also can avoid tableware and tabletop knock against damage table, rise the action that protects tabletop. It can also catch food scraps that fall down without worrying about oil and vegetable flavors on the table.
Compared to the tablecloth, the size of the table mat is smaller, cleaning up more convenient, even after each meal cleaning is not laborious.

餐垫2 270

Ruifeng dinner mat combined with the popular Nordic wind design, can build different table and home decoration style. High cost performance is also one of the reasons many people like it.
Each food mat USES PVC leather environment-friendly material. Compared with other food MATS, our food MATS are more waterproof and impermeable. Even if you accidentally drop the soup, you only need to wipe it with a wet cloth instead of cleaning it alone.If you need, please contact us to customize!


Post time: Nov-25-2020

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