What is the reason why leather is prone to mildew? What about our products?

There are three main reasons for the growth of mold on leather.

First, leather contains nutrients for mold growth. We all know that leather is mainly composed of a natural polymer compound composed of fat and collagen. At the same time, a large amount of animal and vegetable oils, inorganic salts, minerals, and casein are added to the processing of leather products. Existence is a breeding ground for mold.

Second, there are a lot of mold spores in the environment, and molds mainly rely on various microbial spores to reproduce and form spores. There are two ways: sexual and asexual. These mold spores fall on the surface of the leather with the wind, first use their own reserves of nutrients to germinate, and at the same time secrete proteases, so that the protein fibers of the leather become their external source of nutrition. This internal and external nutrition promotes the mold Very easy to grow and reproduce.

Third, molds can easily grow and multiply during the leather processing and transportation stages.


But our product Anti mildew luxury leather fabric for yacht seat, cruise ship avoid these shortcomings well. Our leather is mildew proof, so you can buy it with confidence!

Post time: Oct-10-2020

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