What we have to say about vinyl wallpaper

 More and more people are using PVC vinyl wallpaper because of the following benefits:

1. Good decorative effect

Because PVC wallpaper surface can be a series of processing, can simulate natural stone grain, brocade, to achieve the effect of fish-eye mixed beads, and after careful design, print patterns suitable for various environments. Colour also can be mixed arbitrarily, achieve natural flow, lightsome, elegant.

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2. Superior performance

According to the requirements of processing into flame retardant, mildew proof, not easy to coagulate, mechanical damage products.

3. Suitable for mass production

PVC vinyl wallpaper processing performance is better, can be industrialized and sustainable production.

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4. Paste construction is convenient

Paper – based PVC wall cloth, can be 107 adhesive or emulsion adhesive paste, and good permeability.

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5. Long service life and easy maintenance

The surface layer of PVC wallpaper can be swabbed and has excellent resistance to acid and alkali.

Post time: Nov-10-2020

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