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Ningbo Ruifeng plastic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, specializing in the production of synthetic leather has been 20 years. We have professional synthetic leather technology and professional sales staff, we can guarantee to provide you with high quality service, affordable product price and high quality leather. Our company has more than 2,000 kinds of leather products, such as sofa leather, shoe leather, seat leather, environmental solvent-free leather, automobile leather and PVC wall cloth, I believe we can meet your purchase requirements.

  • Supply Ability: 1500000 meters/per Month
  • Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C,D/A,D/P, Western Union, PayPal etc
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    Item NO. V03(36-44)
    Weight 15 oz/ly
    Width 132cm/137cm or according to your needs
    Backing Scrim
    Price $2.1-2.58/m2
    Color Various 
    Usage Hotel,Home,Office,Bars,Cafes decor and other high-end places
    MOQ 50 meters/color
    Packing details 50 meters/roll 
    Payment terms T/T, LC etc
    Delivery time 15-20 workdays after 30% or 50% deposit paid or received L/C from the bank
    Performance Features High cleanable&stain resistantDurable&scratch resistant 

    Mold/mildew resistant         

    High tear&tensile strength       

    Meets/exceeds GSA Federal Specification CCC-w-408A,B,C,D and CFFA-W-101-D

    Fire certification-ASTM E84–Class A

    Fire certification GB8624-212B1(b-s2,d0,t0)

    Sustainability Attributes water-based environmentally friendly inksInks are reclaimend&recycled in process

    Low VOC/CA1350(indoor air quality)

    Smoke Developed:20


    Warranty The products are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for five years.
    What is engineering wall cloth?  PVC Engineering wall cloth and called Engineering mural cloth,according to the special needs of  the project,it generally has environmental protection, flame retardant and other characteristics.It is in recent years the domestic and international projects decorates a new wall cloth product, it is the height that designs according to indoor met ope.The width is 1.1m-1.37m. Adapt to post in KTV,hotel,bar and other hing-end places.

    key property 

     Eco-friendly:Water-based environmentally friendly inks;free of cadmium,mercury and ozone depleting chemicals;

     Flame retardant:Fireproof Class BI,the BI standard mainly refers to that the wall cloth can naturally block combustion within 5 seconds during vertical combustion.Using high-tech nano patented technology processing function seamless wall cloth flame retardant function has reached the national standard BI level, the United States SGS standard A level.Also our wall cloth can meet class BⅡ,just let us know before you place an order.

      Easy to clean:Adopt the multifunctional seamless wall cloth that high-tech nanometer patent technology produces, because have fight bacterium, waterproof, prevent oil, prevent pollution, prevent dust, prevent electrostatic wait for a lot of function, be clean all the time in use process, do not touch ash, need not do so.Ordinary dust, you can use a feather duster duster can be removed;Light dirty, with white wet towel scrub can be removed;Heavy dirty, dip with white wet towel a few neuter dishwashing agent swab, can clear basically clean.PVC muti-function seamless wall cloth is to endure scrub mostly, swab in same place many times won’t chafe or brush wool.And maintain the original fabric state.

      Abrasion-resistant:Engineering wall cloth is a permanent wall cloth can completely resist the impact of the destruction.

      PVC engineering wall cloth also anti-mildew,sound-proof,anti-static,waterproof.They are the biggest difference between us and ordinary wallpaper.



    900 sucai

    v03 44 900

    v03 46 900

    V03 36-44 900

    hot product 900


    V03 15 270    k810 02 270 wurongji 270


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      The company’s main products are Pu/ semi-PU/Pvc/ ultrafine fiber/gluing leather. Last year, about 8 million meters were sold. The company has advanced production technology, strong product research and development ability, and the products are widely used in sofa, furniture, automobile interior decoration, interior decoration, saddle, medical equipment, sports equipment and other fields of goods, labels, shoes, bags, clothing, yacht packaging materials. Our synthetic leather is environmentally friendly, through REACH, EN71, ROHS,PAHS, potassium phthalate, etc., and has the following properties: mildew resistance, antibacterial, yellow resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, waterproof, cold crack resistance, aging resistance and so on. With high quality products and excellent customer service, we have established a global sales network covering the United States, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Southeast Asia. We take part in several domestic and international exhibitions every year, such as “All China Leather Exhibition” in Shanghai, “FIMEC” in Brazil, “Fulmerkez” in Istanbul, “International Textile Machinery Exhibition” in Myanmar, and “Combodia” “International Trade Exhibition of leather, Footwear Machinery, Parts, Chemicals and Accessories”.


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